Cody’s Friends supports no-kill animal rescue groups and children in need.

There are two ways YOU can help:

  • CLICK HERE to donate NOW! Your donation will be used to buy additional items for rescue animals and children in need. Or CLICK HERE to sign-up for a donation pick-upDonate dog/cat food, new or used bowls, toys, beds and blankets for rescue animals AND new clothes, new or gently used toys and bikes for kids (preschool – 18yrs). Just put your donations on your front porch, and we’ll swing by and pick them up!

Cody’s Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation started by 9th grader Cody Allen when he was ten years old. Those who want to help support rescue animals and neglected children simply put their donations (new or used) out on their front porch the first Saturday of every month and we pick up their donations. All donations are tax deductible!

dogfoodCody’s Friends is a proud partner of Rescue Bank, run by GreaterGood.org!

Dog and cat food is donated by pet food manufacturers and coordinated for distribution by RescueBank.

Cody’s Friends receives, stores and holds distribution events so rescue groups throughout Arizona can come and share in the food donations to help feed their rescue animals.

With less need to pour funds into providing food, these wonderful organizations can focus on the other areas of care. Housing, daily maintenance, veterinary care, and specialized needs become that much more attainable when the budget for them is increased. The result is better quality of life for rescued pets and a larger number of animals that can be helped.


“Cody really is awesome! It’s inspiring to see young people trying to make a difference at such a young age. Especially in this field where we see so many horrible things and sometimes forget that there are some out there who do care and will be there continuing to care when we are gone. So, thank you for all that you do and helping to make the world a better place little bits at a time!” 

 – Ryan Inama (Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary)